Thursday, March 4th located at Benefis near the Women's and Children's Center!

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Our Menu

All items are made fresh to order. Burgers starting at $4 and Dogs start at $6

All Cards and Cash accepted.

Double Burger

Try our signature Double Burger - 1/3 pound! It has two 100% All-Beef Patties, two Melted Deli-style American Cheese, Beef-steak Tomato Slice, Hand-leaf Lettuce, with our Dino-Sauce


This classic Cheeseburger has one 100% All-Beef Patty, one Melted Deli-style American Cheese, Beef-steak Tomato Slice, Hand-leaf Lettuce, with our Dino-Sauce



This classic has one 100% All-Beef Patty, Beef-steak Tomato Slice, Hand-leaf Lettuce, with our Dino-Sauce

Double-Chili Cheese

This monster is 1/3 pound with two 100% All-Beef Patties, Beef Chili, Melted Deli-style American Cheese, Beef-steak Tomato Slice, Pickles, Diced Onions and Mustard. *Caution, don't wear a white shirt while consuming

Fly'n Hawaiian

This award winning Fly’n Hawaiian will have you savoring the flavor! 1/4 pound Nathan's Jumbo Dog, is topped with Bacon, Mozzarella Cheese, Pineapple, drizzled with Honey Mustard on a steamed Sandwich Roll

Chili Cheese Dog

1/4 pound Nathan's Jumbo Dog, topped with Beef Chili, Cheddar Cheese and Chopped Onions on a steamed Sandwich Roll

Chicago Dog

Talk about packing a punch of flavor with each bite! This 1/4 pound Nathan's Jumbo Dog, is topped with Tomatoes, Neon Relish, Onions, Pickle Spear, Sports Peppers, Celery Salt on a steamed Sandwich Roll

All-American Dog

 This classic 1/4 pound Nathan's Jumbo Dog, is topped with Onions, Relish, Mustard and Ketchup steamed Sandwich Roll

Dallas Dog

1/4 pound Nathan's Jumbo Dog, topped with BBQ Sauce, Bacon, Jalapenos, Cheddar Cheese, Onions, drizzled with Honey Mustard on a steamed Sandwich Roll

Kids Puppy Dog Meal

Waffle Fries

Our Waffle-shaped Potatoes with the skin are sure to complete any menu item! Sprinkled with Sea Salt and served with Dino-Sauce


Bottled Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Dasani Water


Location Schedule

Tuesday - Saturday, 11am - 7pm


Holiday Village Mall

Scheels Entrance


Mountain View Co-op

Black Eagle


The Flamingo

10th Ave South


Home Depot



Benefis 10th Ave S

Women's and Children's Center





Carnivorium Community Connections

Carnivorium partners with local business leaders to raise funds
for six non-profit organizations in Great Falls

Carnivorium Mobile Drive-Thru Restaurant believes that each of us is duty-bound to provide help and hope to members of the community that we call home. Recently, Carnivorium donated funds to eight different non-profit organizations by providing 8% (eight-percent) of Carnivorium’s daily gross sales to that day’s specific charity. Over $7,000 was donated in the first four months of operation. The charities that benefited were: The Great Falls Community Food Bank, the Montana Air National Guard Family Support Fund, the Great Falls Children’s Receiving Home, the Maclean-Cameron Animal Adoption Center, My Neighbor in Need, Benefis Foundation, Big Brothers-Big Sisters, and Eagle Mount. But we want to help even more charities, so we have revised the Community Connections for 2021!


Instead of providing 8% to the same charities each month, we will now provide 10% of the gross sales from the second Wednesday each month to a different charity. By doing this we will be able to help 10 charities from March through December. The best part is that every selected charity will have a specific Wednesday that is dedicated to their organization. This will allow the charity to increase the amount of the donation that they receive by informing, promoting, and marketing their specific day to their supporters. You are encouraged to support your favorite charities by simply enjoying lunch or dinner at Carnivorium!



The very first Mobile Drive-Thru Restaurant in the USA opens in Great Falls!

Created by Great Falls resident, Dave Snuggs, Carnivorium is not a food truck or concession trailer, it is a complete mobile drive-thru restaurant featuring family favorites: American-made burgers, dogs, and fries.

Carnivorium mobile drive-thru restaurant is a self-contained restaurant featuring a full kitchen, drive-thru lane, menu and speaker box, and pick-up window. It is open five days a week, Tuesday through Saturday, from 11am – 7pm (or until we sell out). Because Carnivorium is a mobile drive-thru restaurant, it will be located in five different locations throughout Great Falls, Montana.

In addition to serving the best burgers, dogs and fries, Carnivorium has teamed up with their location partners and created the Community Connection program. Carnivorium will donate eight-percent (8%) of its daily gross sales to five non-profit organizations that were selected by the location partner. “I knew from day-one that I wanted Carnivorium to be more that the first-ever mobile drive-thru restaurant. I wanted it to provide great food and give the community a way to participate in giving back to some of their favorite charities.” Snuggs said.


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