Welcome to the world of Carnivorium!


Carnivorium is the first of its kind and it awakens in September 2020! Carnivorium has it all but we need you to help us showcase this amazing concept to the world! On September 4th everyone will know what Carnivorium is. But until then all that we can share with you is that we are looking for energetic and positive team members who thrive in a fast paced, fun-food environment.


What makes us unique?

  • We operate six days a week - in six different locations, 11am – 7pm

  • Through our location partnerships, together we donate 8% of our daily sales to local non-profit organizations

  • We operate under the core values of Family – Honor – Code

  • The Carnivorium is open ALL YEAR ROUND

  • The Carnivorium is fully air-conditioned & heated to provide our team members with a comfortable place to work

  • Be surrounded by other fast-pace, energetic and positive team members – No Drama!

  • Starting pay is well above the minimum wage at $11 an hour!

  • Signing Bonuses are available for qualified, experienced individuals

  • Monthly Performance Bonus is available to all team members

  • Opportunity for growth including into Management Positions

  • Available Positions – Both Full-time and Part-time

  • Lead Cooks, Assistant Cooks/Food Prep, General Kitchen Help


Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) Cook - Starting $11 an hour!

QSR Cooks and Assistant Cooks completes food preparation duties according to sanitation and hygiene standards in order to quickly and accurately fill customer requests. This involves operating all kitchen equipment, cooking restaurant items according to proprietary recipes and if needed, packaging food items. In addition, QSR Cooks and Assistant Cooks are responsible for maintaining standardized quality of the food, as well as consistency of the food, portion controls and presentation. Because we are a QSR, the cooks must be able to produce large volumes of food in a short amount of time while following the rules and responsibilities listed below.


QSR Cooks and Assistant Cooks Duties and Responsibilities

In order to provide customers with their food orders, QSR Cooks and Assistant Cooks performs many different tasks and be responsible for different categories:


Follow Food Handling Procedures

In order to comply with all policies and regulations, QSR Cooks and Assistant Cooks must be knowledgeable of local and federal food handling laws and regulations, including FDA and USDA regulations, and may be required to obtain a food-handling and/or Servsafe certification. They use this knowledge to ensure that all food preparation is compliant. They also maintain the cleanliness of the kitchen and personal hygiene standards that adhere to sanitation policies. Finally, they’re responsible for helping to ensure kitchen safety protocol is followed at all times.


Present or Package Products

After preparing the food, QSR Cooks and Assistant Cooks are responsible for its presentation, making sure it is ready for wrapping and/or packaging. Packaging and presentation protocol can change depending on if the actual item(s) ordered. If preparing large quantities of prep items such as tomatoes, lettuce, etc. ahead of time, QSR Cooks and Assistant Cooks are also responsible for maintaining appropriate temperature and freshness of food.


Train Staff

As our QSR Cooks and Assistant Cooks gain some experience, he or she will typically become responsible for training newer kitchen cooks They’ll teach other employees how to prepare food according to recipe and train them in all safety, sanitation, and food handling protocols.


Fast Food Cook Skills

The QSR industry calls for individuals with great time management skills who are able to work quickly and calmly in a fast-paced environment. QSR Cooks and Assistant Cooks are dedicated team members with strong leadership skills that allow them to train and direct other kitchen cooks. They must pay great attention to detail in order to ensure the standard operation of the kitchen and efficient production of food.


Core skills: Based on our needs for this position, we want our QSR Cooks and Assistant Cooks with the following core skills:

  • Must be able to communicate well to other team members

  • Must be a fun, energetic and positive individual

  • Be reliable and able to commit to a specific schedule as well be open to additional works days if needed

  • Possessing basic cooking knowledge, recipe reading and measurement skills

  • Obtaining relevant food and beverage certifications and licenses such as Safe Serve*

  • Be able to lift 40-pounds on a regular basis

  • Must have reliable transportation


If you have the drive, positive attitude and want to be a part of the most unique Quick Service Restaurant concept please call us at 406-403-1271! Leave a message with your name and number and we promise to call you back within one day! Thank you.